This season has been difficult and unpredictable. The championship contending teams are having a tough time of it. But don’t give up hope prematurely. We have the final games ahead of us, and we’ll see whether the anticipated China League 1 results match up with reality. Trouble in China’s teams: will there be a way

The country’s premiership football matches attract far less attention than international matches. The only exception is the Chinese Super League. The interest in events has often been linked to the presence of world football stars but this has changed. Chinese clubs can no longer afford to buy professional players and have switched to finding talent

The Chinese Super League is not the most exciting of championships, but it is one that many football fans follow. One of the attractions is the unpredictability of the season. All participating teams have an equal chance of winning, as many of them are reinforced with international class players. Those clubs who have failed to

The Chinese league attracts a lot of attention: the transfers of famous players keep fans busy for a long time. Fans are keen to keep an eye on the achievements of players they have spotted in international matches or competitions. However, it’s not the only thing that pushes one to study the standings. “Guangzhou Evergrande

Having your own championship in China comes as no surprise to anyone. The Celestial Empire attracts international players with its exciting matches. It’s difficult to fight against this phenomenon: the requirements for incoming players are quite loyal. On top of that, the professionals can qualify for the top spots in the China League One table.